Tubular Terracotta Size 4


Clean, classic and cost friendly.

Terracotta is a great all round choice for plant pots. In use for thousands of years, they have stood the test of time…literally! This size fits any of our Size 4 plants and also in our Tubular Fornax if you need a replacement pot.

Terracotta can be a great first pot as it’s low cost, has a classic look and comes in many shapes and sizes. Not only that, terracotta is porous so if you are heavy handed with watering it won’t matter so much as excess water can escape via the sides and base of the pot.

This porous nature can mean your pot could mark delicate surfaces so use a tray or take the plant out of the pot to water and place back after draining. 

Width 150mm (130mm interior Width), Height 120mm.

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500.00 KSh VAT Included

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Size: Size 4