Tradescantia flumensis 'Nanouk'

Who says you need flowers for colour?

With stunning colour and subtle pattern it's no wonder this plant caused near riots when it was first introduced. It's a plant that both experienced plant parents and beginners will relish having in their collection.

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500.00 KSh VAT Included

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect light. The lower the light the less colour you'll see.


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil are dry, allowing excess water to drain out.


This plant looks great in hangers or allowed to cascade from a stand or shelf.

Is this plant for you?

Some features of this plant...

Good for Beginners

An easy going plant that is fantastic for those just starting out.

Fast Growing

The inch plant is one of the speediest growers out there and will look full in no time with some training.

Top Tip

Tradescantia will grow straggly with age so get those scissors out and give them plant a prune back for a fresh start.