Senecio macroglossus

A dupe for Ivy that works well in our scorching sun!

Sometimes called the Wax Ivy, this succulent creeping plant looks incredibly similar to its European cousins. A fantastic choice for your hanging baskets outside, it fits our Fornax hanger or can be placed in a Babel Stand.

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750.00 KSh VAT Included

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Plant care

This plant needs the following...


Direct to bright indirect light.


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil are dry to the touch and allow water to fully drain.


Can be placed in a bright window or hung outdoors on a patio or balcony.

Is this plant for you?

What you should know...

African Plant

Native to Southern African


Like Ivy this is a fast grower that can take over so be careful when disposing of cuttings.

Top tip

If you are experimenting with propagation this is an easy plant to root from stem cuttings.