Schlumbergera sp. (Christmas cactus)

An indoor plant with a showy bloom? Of course it's a bestseller.

This cactus is a staple in households the world over, but these epiphytic cacti are from rainforests rather than deserts. As a result their care is a little easy for most of us who tend to overwater rather than underwater their plants.

Please note that bloom colour may differ from the image.

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect light.


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil are dry to touch. Drain an excess water.


Whilst a cactus, they prefer slightly more humid conditions. A bright bathroom or kitchen would be great! They also stunning hanging plants.

Is this plant for you?

Some features of this plant...

Top Tip

If your plant is not blooming it might be getting too much light (or be hot). Cover or move your cactus to get 14 hours of darkness and see!

Pet Safe

The Christmas cactus is non toxic to cats and dogs.

Great for Gifting

These are popular as presents any time of year but especially during the holidays.