Pilea Peperomioides


One of the most instantly recognisable houseplants.

Sometimes called the UFO or Pancake plant, this is a highly collective pilea with a wonderful history (read it here). The round leaves resemble coins and as such the plant is seen to offer good fortune to those who grow them. Luckily these are relatively easy plants to grow - just ensure you don't overwater and that you keep them in a nice bright position.

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect light. Too much sun will burn the leaves.


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil are dry to the touch.


A spot near a bright window should be perfect.

Is this plant for you?

Some features of the plant...

Pet Safe

A great option for those of you with dogs or cats.

Great for Gifting

As this plant is said to usher in prosperity to the owner it makes a great present to those moving house or celebrating a birthday!


Ensure even growth by rotating this plant a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn with every watering.