Philodendron pedatum 'Florida'

Get dramatic with this easy going yet unusual plant.

Think the Monstera is overused? Then this might be the perfect choice for you. The Florida is as easy going as some of the better known climbing houseplants out there but this is something that is sure to make plant lovers give a second glance. With unique leaves shaped almost like a spacecraft from a sci fi movie, just give this decent light and watch it thrive and wonder why everyone else hasn't caught on to one of th best kept secrets in the plant world.

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3,500.00 KSh VAT Included

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect to indirect light. May burn in direct light.


Water when the top 2-3cm are dry to the touch.


Find a shady corner or a spot near a window getting under 6 hours sunlight and it should be more than happy.

Is this plant for you?

What you should know...

Good for beginners

This plant is easy to care for and adapts to a variety of conditions.

Grows large

A prolific grower, this will be a large plant in time. Good pruning can keep it in check if you need to.

Wipe leaves regularly

Large leaves attract dust so wipe once a month with a damp cloth.