Philodendron domesticum

Need to fill a space? This could be your answer.

Philodendrons are fantastic houseplants that bring size and drama without being a headache to care for. As Philodendrons do grow quite quickly and tend to be on the large size do not be afraid to tame them by trimming any unwieldy growth (you can always propagate this afterwards very easily in water). The domesticum has larger leaves and a spreading nature so may not be suitable for small spaces.

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3,500.00 KSh VAT Included

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect light.


Water when the top 3-4cm of soil are dry to the touch, ensuring all excess water is drained away.


Due to the large size of this plant a living room is probably your best choice.

Is this plant right for you?

Some of the features of this plant...

Grows Large

This plant has fantastic leaves and a spreading nature so it will need some space if you don't want damaged leaves.

Wipe Leave Regularly

Larger leaves can be dust magnets so make sure you clean with a damp cloth often.

Top Tip

If the leaves are spreading and unruly you can always bind stems inwards with some string or a pair of old tights - they're perfect for delicate stems!