Hoya australis 'Lisa'


A hugely collectible Hoya thanks to the variegated leaves.

The Hoya australia 'Lisa' is a gorgeous variegated climbing plant with stunning leaves and a delicate white bloom that lasts for upwards of a month in the right conditions.
We find they need more light than you realise so a spot in a window with a broad view of the sky (or on a balcony) and they should reward you well.

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright to bright indirect light. Limit bright direct light to 2-6 hours.


Water when top 2-3cm are dry to the touch. Left to sit in water they will develop root rot.


Hoyas have stunning flowers! Place in a window or hanging on a patio or balcony to ensure you enjoy a display.

Is this plant for you?

What you should know...

Pet safe

Hoyas are pet safe but the sap can cause slight irritation.

Top tip

After blooming don't remove the flower stalk...it may give new flowers.


This is a relatively rare variety of Hoya making it great for those looking for something a bit special.