Gasteria gracilis

Want an indoor succulent but keep killing them? Try this!

Gasteria not only look cool - they tolerate lower light conditions than many other succulents - making them a popular choice for indoors. It will thrive in bright rather than direct light. They are susceptible to fungal infections if they get wet so keep them in dry environments with good air circulation to prevent this.

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Plant care

This plant needs the following...


Bright indirect light for at least 6 hours a day.


Allow plant to dry out between watering and make sure excess water drains fully.


For a happier plant try to find a spot near a window. Darker spaces may be tolerated but you risk fungal issues!

Is this plant for you?

Some features of this plant...

Stays Small

This is a slow growing plant that doesn't need to be repotted often #lazyplantparentsclub

African Origin

Native to South Africa, this is a relatively rare genus of aloe like plants.

Top Tip

Water Gasteria either from the bottom (soaking method) or with a thin stemmed watering can as they don't like to get wet leaves.