Ficus pumila

A cute little hanging plant that just needs to be cut back every so often.

The Creeping fig is an unassuming Ficus that remains staunchly popular thanks to it's small size and delicate leaves. Great for use in terrariums or as a hanging plant where it will cascade delightfully.

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect light.


Allow the first 2-3cm of soil to dry out before watering. Make sure the water has fully drained before placing back in the pot cover.


Place within a meter or so a window or a bright bathroom (hello humidity). In lower light they may begin to drop leaves.

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What you should know...

Top tip

This plant has a lifespan in a pot of 4-5 years. To keep if for longer propagate every other year for a never ending plant.


If you move this from the pot to the ground outside this fast growing species can become invasive and harm buildings.


Cut the plant back to the root ball and add some fresh potting mix if it gets too unwieldy or stringy.