Epipremnum aureum 'Neon'


This super bright variety is so popular we struggle to keep it in stock.

Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy is a longstanding favourite for good reason. This variety is called Neon for good reason - the leaves are a bright yellow green and have immediate impact. Not as fast growing as their all green cousin, 'Neon' needs more light but is susceptible to leaf burn in direct sun. A fantastic addition for those that have mastered the Epipremnum aureum or looking for a bit more of a challenge.

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750.00 KSh VAT Included

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Bright indirect light. Light leaf varieties like this need more light than darker leaf types..


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil are dry to the touch.


Try hanging in a window or cascading from shelves, anywhere it can stretch its vines!

Is this plant for you?

Some features of this plant...

Top Tip

Prune stems to encourage a bushier growth - and propagate more more plants!

Wipe Leaves Regularly

Gently wipe leaves with a damp cloth once a month to remove dust and keep this plant happy.

Air Purifying

A good choice for city living plant lovers as it removes toxins like formaldehyde from the air.