Crassula ovata (Jade Plant)

This lucky plant is a firm favourite.

One of the easiest houseplants to look after and one of the most popular plants we sell. Crassula ovata look like a bonsai without the price tag of one! Crassula are also known for being good luck in many cultures and bringing financial prosperity - the leaves are said to resemble coins. 

The Jade plant will (probably) totally forgive you if you forget to water it for a while - in fact it should be watered much less than you think! Just remember that is needs a good sunny spot in a window with the widest possible view of the sky. As a succulent this fun bushy tree like plant will tolerate dry air and hot rooms but not overly humid environments like bathrooms.

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Plant care

This plant needs the following...


Bright to bright indirect light.


Water when soil is completely dry and drain any excess water to avoid root rot.


In a window with as wide a view of the sky as possible.

Is this plant for you?

Some features of this plant...

Stays Small

This is a slow growing plant that will reach heights of 2-3ft over the span of 20 years and up to 6ft in 60-70 years.

African Origin

Native to South Africa and Mozambique.

Great for Busy People

Some plants tolerate neglect. As long as Crassula ovata has good sun if you forget to water for a while things should be fine.