Beaucarnea recurcata

A low maintenance hero.

The Ponytail palm is actually more closely related to the Yucca and is a great choice for bright homes – this plant likes some sun. If you are the kind of plant parent likely to forget to water now and then then the Ponytail palm could be your ideal offspring! The large bulbous base stores water so it’s best to keep the soil in the dry side, in fact overwatering of this plant is the most common mistake. 

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Plant care

This plant needs the following:


Full sun - bright indirect light.


Water when soil is dry to the touch when it's putting leaves. When it's not, water when soil is fully dry. Drain off all excess water.


Find the brightest spot in your house and watch it enjoy life.

Is this plant for you?

Some features of this plant...

Top Tip

You may get 'pups' - trim them if you prefer a classic look or keep them for a desirable multi-stemmed tree!

Pet Safe

A fantastic option if you have inquisitive pets.

Slow Growing

Whilst these can reach 6ft indoors they take up to 5 years to double in size. This means you won't need to repot often either...unless big is your  goal.